Research Interests

The core concept that informs my research agenda is identity. Studies examining identity ultimately focus on two questions: “who am I?” and “how should I act?” Through my research agenda I explore how these core questions are answered at the micro level of the individual to the mezzo level of organizations to the marco level of society.

  • At the individual level, I explore how identity informs the way we understand and function in the world. At this level of analysis we can see how identity is at the core of the work people do and the relationships they build.
  • At the organizational level, I use the concept of identity to understand both how organizations function and the role of organizations in the development and maintenance of individual’s identities. Not only do organizations themselves have identities that inform their sense of collective self and provide guidance to their actions, but they also play a role in how people construct their individual identities by providing a context for their work and relationships.
  • Lastly, at the societal level, I use identity as a lens to explore how people build communities, how organizations interact with their clients and communities, and how individuals and organizations communicate in and amongst themselves.